Card from Bonnie Marcus Stationary

I’m at the end of my pregnancy journey with only days left until our little one makes her debut.  I wanted to write my list of mom’s “pregnancy must haves” while they are still fresh in my mind.

  • The Bella Band When your jeans start getting a wee bit too tight this accessory is key.  It allows you to unbutton, even unzipper your pre-pregnancy jeans for as long as you can hold out before buying maternity jeans.  Also, if you have shirts that don’t seem quite long enough because of your expanding belly the Bella Band covers the part of your tummy that the end of your shirt can no longer reach!
  • Maternity Jeans – You’ll find a lot of your favorite brands now make jeans for us preggos.  I found that A Pea in the Pod carries my favorite Joe’s Jeans in a maternity style…it made me feel fashionable as I was expanding.  I know they are pricey, but well worth it if you normally live in your jeans!
  • A maternity Little Black Dress.  As a gift, my friend Catherine sent me one of the most useful items in my pregnancy wardrobe.  A versatile black dress by NOM.  I wore it early on in my pregnancy up until the days leading to delivery.  I wore it to a rehearsal  dinner with some fabulous heels and to the grocery store with flip flops.
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for Stretch Marks – smells horrible, but no stretch marks here!
  • Expecta Lipil (in addition to your prenatals) – DHA is important for your developing baby’s brain function.  I asked my OB about the max I could supplement with.  We agreed I could take an Expecta Lipil in addition to the prenatal I take which also has DHA.  Ask your OB if it’s appropriate for you.
  • Flip Flops – Despite the fact that I claimed I would be wearing my Gucci pumps to the hospital, my feet have swollen up and look like Fred Flintstone’s feet.  Get yourself some comfy flip flops or shoes!
  • Tylenol – Helped me make it through a really bad cold and my 1st trimester when I would get really bad headaches.  It’s one of the few pain relievers you can take.
  • The Mayo Clinic Pregnancy Book – A great medical guide!  Tells you what to expect at certain stages of pregnancy, what is normal and if you should call your Dr.  They also have a great web resource.
  • Baby Bargains – This book was a huge help when I started trying to create a baby registry, which can be overwhelming.  Gives you the skinny on essentials vs non essentials and best in class according to category.
  • Baby 411 – A guide for what to do when baby gets here!
  • Lots of pillows! – I didn’t want to buy one of those snuggie pillows.  They are huge!  Where would I store it post baby, and how would me, my husband and the snuggie pillow all fit in a Queen sized bed?  My solution was building my own pillow fortress.
  • Tucks Pads & Preparation H – Just trust….buy it as insurance and hope you don’t have to use it.