I came across this post I had been writing just 2 days before giving birth to our little one (1 day before checking in to the hospital) and just had to laugh…

“Our baby is a week past her due date.  My ankles are cankles,  ( a lovely calve ankle hybrid where one cannot discern where the ankle ends and the calve begins), I have pregnancy carpal tunnel, and my patience is wearing thin.  I have been getting text messages daily asking me where the baby is…I could probably formulate some perfectly inappropriate answers.”

Little A was worth the 9+ months wait, but in the last month I was definitely over being pregnant – and it didn’t help that she was a week late.  I have a feeling she would have hung around in the womb longer if labor hadn’t been induced.

So much has happened in the last months and I’ve been itching to get back to writing again.  Stay posted – three months of writing backlog are going to be unleashed!!