*Baby Bottle Plane found on Curiobot.com

We are going to be getting on an airplane with our 5 month old for the very first time this weekend.  A short and simple direct jaunt on the friendly skies?  No, that would be easy!  Our first trip will be to the glorious Mid-West!  Columbus, Ohio to be exact.   This will include 7 1/2 hours of travel time which includes an hour and a half layover.  I admit, I am anxious.

I am anxious that we are going to be those parents.  You know,  the ones that everyone glares daggers at while their poor baby illicits blood curdling screams.  All the while the parents  smile helplessly bouncing the infant on their lap whispering, “She is never like this I swear…”.

I am determined to be well organized and start packing in advance…bottles, formula, car seat (we check that at the gate, right?), Snap & Go attachment (where do we put that? check that at the gate too?), diapers, wipes…and all of our stuff too.   Yet I know in the end I will have no control to how Little A reacts to the cabin pressure or the experience.  Fingers crossed that all will be calm in the friendly skies.