Green with Apple

I embarked on the first day of my 3 Day Juice Cleanse hopeful I would be able to tolerate the lack of solid food until Thursday morning and be able to stomach the dreaded green juices which contain vegetables like kale.  I’m not a stranger to juicing fruits and vegetables, but my repertoire has been limited to apples, carrots, citrus, ginger – pretty easy stuff.   The prospect of drinking green sludge was off-putting, but Food & Wine Magazine’s declaration that the  BluePrintCleanse is the “Foodie’s Cleanse” sounded promising.

The BluePrintCleanse offers 3 levels of cleanses: Renovation, Foundation, & Excavation.  Going against my all or nothing nature, I opted to ease into detoxing and chose the level 1 Renovation cleanse.  The beginner cleanse consists of 2 green juices, 3 fruit juices and 1 nut milk.

Menu for Day 1

Warm water with lemon

Carrot, apple spinach, parsley  x’s 2 (not a BluePrintCleanse Recipe)

Blueberry, apple, vanilla

Carrot, apple, ginger

Greens with apple (kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon & apple)

Raw chocolate milk

The verdict on the taste?  DELICIOUS!  The  green juice I was so afraid of is amazing.  The Greens with Apple Juice  tasted clean and fresh; something I would drink even if I wasn’t on the cleanse!  The Blueberry Apple Vanilla is a smoothie and very satiating, it was perfect for mid-day when my mind started to wander towards burgers and fries.  I was hesitant to try the Raw Chocolate Milk because the base  for this recipe is soaked raw cashews (and I hate cashews).   Didn’t taste like cashews to me…thank goodness!  I was like a dessert.  Although sweet and delicious, my only complaint is the concoction seemed a bit gritty.

I expected to be ravenous while doing the 3 Day Cleanse, especially on the first day.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t dying of hunger.  Don’t get me wrong at around 1 pm and 4 pm I experienced cravings and fleeting moments of hunger, but it wasn’t like I wanted to kill for a bite of something.

I went to bed feeling I had accomplished something!  I exercised my willpower, drank some delicious concoctions, and wasn’t going to bed feeling bloated or starving.  2 more days?  Bring it on!

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